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I’m Debbie Shadid, my team and I help wedding biz lady bosses just like you learn how to attract and book more brides. 

We're all out here working hard for those #goals and here's the thing...we know you want to book more brides and sell more so we're sharing secrets to staying on track and making the necessary adjustments to get to your goal.

Let’s be real. You’re great at what you do. You make brides beautiful and you create incredible wedding day experiences but running your wedding biz is much harder than you expected.



We know how to run a successful wedding business with ease. That’s our specialty! We teach ladies just like you everything you need to know to run your dream biz so you can reach your BIG goals. 

At Wedding Business Ideas, we teach wedding business success! We’ll show you how to save TIME + MONEY so you can reach your goals.  

THIS IS YOUR TIME! Don’t wait another day to take the action you need to make things happen in your business.

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A few words about the class...

The Wedding Business Ideas class was definitely great for us in our first year of business. We learned so much about find our focus, goal setting, marketing, conflict resolution and simplifying all that we do, just to name a few. We are forever grateful for the opportunity and implement these skills in our daily routines. Debbie, you are savvy, professional, comforting, kind hearted and such a problem solver and you have the best ideas!!!!

We look forward to the many ways we can learn and GROW with you.


With joy,

Ginnifer + Jessica



Debbie is absolutely amazing and a doll to have as a mentor. When I first started my wedding planning business I went to Debbie for all the advice. After every coffee date, she always made me feel empowered so I could take on anything.

When I found out about her coaching class I knew I needed to take it. I knew I would learn so much. Before the class, Debbie asked what I was struggling with? I wanted better organization, to learn how to set boundaries and to not feel like I'm ignoring my client's. I tell you after taking her advice I now have a set schedule I go by every day, I have boundaries with all my clients and I'm able to enjoy life. I now feel like a new woman who is able to focus on other goals and I'm able to grow and expand my company. I'm now working smarter, not harder and it's the best feeling. You will not want to miss out, I advise everyone to take her coaching workshop, you won’t regret it! :)


Stephyn Stancle

Owner/Certified Wedding Planner

Southern Charm Planning & Design




I have always admired Debbie Shadid for her knowledge in business. 

What has Debbie done for me for my wedding business? She has inspired me to be different, bold, take challenges and not be afraid of my choices and goals for my business.

What I didn't realize was how endless her business knowledge is.  Wedding Business Ideas gives you the educational tools, guidelines and community of talented vendors working together. Debbie's one to one time is invaluable to my success as she helps set specific strategies to achieve my goals and vision for my company. Hands down WBI is your choice for business growth. 

Love you so much and you mean the world to me!!



Gisela Wolfinbarger-Owner

The Grand Canadian Theater



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